Actsyl Complete

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Our most powerful formulas in a complete and easy-to-use regimen specifically formulated to promote hair growth, strength and overall health. 

Actsyl® Complete is a revolutionary hair growth regimen featuring our line of powerful formulas developed with innovative ingredients proven to stimulate hair growth and enhance overall hair health. 

Actsyl Complete Regimen includes:
1 x Actsyl-3 Growth Stimulating Shampoo 300ml
1 x Actsyl-3 Advanced Treatment Conditioner 300ml
1 x Actsyl-3 Hair Growth Serum 50ml
1 x Actsyl-D Active Conditioning Mist 120ml
1 x Detangling Brush

Product Information:

STEP 1 - Actsyl-3 Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Our deep-cleaning formula combines time-tested ingredients like Tea Tree oil, for deep, yet gentle cleansing with Biotin and Sodium Hyaluronate to strengthen and hydrate the hair. Actsyl-3 Growth Stimulating Shampoo also includes the innovative ingredient blend Baicapil™, designed to promote a thicker hair sheath through cellular matrix stimulation, while protecting the follicle from oxidative stressors for everyday protection, further enhancing overall hair health.

  • Removes and prevents buildup of dead skin and hair cells
  • Increase cellular activity at the root
  • Replenish moisture balance and lock in hydration
  • Protect follicle from oxidative stress

Actsyl-3 Growth Stimulating Shampoo is gentle enough to be used as an everyday hair wash. Our formula is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and lab-tested. We never test any of our products on animals.

STEP 2 - Actsyl-3 Advanced Treatment Conditioner

Actsyl®-3 Advanced Treatment Conditioner is the second step in the Actsyl hair growth regimen, following Actsyl-3 Growth Stimulating Shampoo, formulated with clinically-proven ingredients to supercharge hair growth and conditioning.

The ingredients in Actsyl-3 Advanced Treatment Conditioner has been proven to:

  • Increases hair growth by 214% in as little as 10 days*
  • Increases the duration of the growth cycle leading to thicker, longer hair
  • Lubricate and protect the hair shaft
  • Promote moisture in hair shaft to prevent breakage during brushing

Actsyl-3 Advanced Treatment Conditioner should be used at least once every 5-6 days following Actsyl-3 Growth Stimulating Shampoo or your favorite hair wash. Application timing varies based on hair type. 

STEP 3 - Actsyl-D Active Conditioning Mist

Actsyl®-D Active Conditioning Mist™ is specially formulated to noticeably improve hair health after just one use. The proprietary blend of key amino acids, vitamins, and oils work to nourish and protect the hair shaft, locking in hydration and controlling static for days. Other ingredients like Biotin and Provitamin B5 improve hair strength and health-restoring hair to youthful radiance.

The ingredients in Actsyl-D have been proven to:

  • Recover hair softness and shine
  • Protect keratin and hair sheath from damage caused by brushing and blow drying
  • Protect against UV damage and pollution

Hold 8-10 inches away from head and apply liberally to wet or dry hair before brushing, blow-drying.

STEP 4 - Actsyl-3 Hair Growth Serum

Actsyl®-3 with Redensyl (3%) and Capixyl (2%) - is a specially formulated, quick-absorbing serum that works to promote hair growth by combining revolutionary lab-tested ingredients with key aminos and peptides without hormonal impact and no greasy residue. The powerful ingredients in Actsyl-3 have been proven to combat the main factors causing hair thinning and loss in women, going to work from the first application.

  • Blocks DHT – The main culprit of hair loss in women and men
  • Activate Hair Stem Cells – Sets hair follicles on a new growth phase
  • Improves Follicle Size – Larger follicles anchor hair for less shedding

Apply directly to the scalp and massage in with fingertips and let absorb fully into the scalp. Ideal application is prior to bedtime. There is no need to wash out - style hair as usual. 

BONUS - Actsyl Detangling Brush

Sustainably manufactured wood handle and steel bristles for a tangle-free experience when used with Actsyl-D Active Conditioning Mist™ after showering. Steel bristles glide through wet hair to effortlessly brush hair with virtually no pulling.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Results based on independent laboratory studies. For more information, click here.