Yes, absolutely. Our formula is not gender-specific. Anyone that is experiencing hair thinning and loss can use Actsyl.

The hair will feel silky within the first few days of use. Over the next 2-3 weeks of use, expect to feel less resistance when brushing both after a shower and when dry.

After 4-5 weeks, you will begin to notice fine hair growing in along the part and the hairline. These are hairs in the first stage of the growth cycle called the Anagen phase. Learn more.

After 2 months of continued use, expect to see less hair in your brush, as the hair follicles will be larger and hair sheath (external coating) will be stronger near the roots.

Actsyl is a serum-based hair growth formula that contains active ingredients that need to reach the hair follicles by penetrating the scalp. The best time to apply is when the scalp is clean. The hair can be damp or dry, but not wet. There is no need to rinse off the serum, as it needs to stay on the scalp to work. Most users apply before bedtime.

Continued use will give the best results. However, if you stop using Actsyl, there are no immediate adverse affects, like hair falling out. Over time, however, the hair may return to the state it was before treatment.

Actsyl has a silky smooth texture that has a thickness between a serum and a conditioner - not too thin and not too thick. It will not run down your scalp while applying and it has a fresh scent that is not over powering.

For best results and to avoid contact with the eyes, first dip the precision brush into the tube and remove excess formula. Hold the brush at an angle to the eyelid similar to a mascara brush. Slowly work the formula onto the lashes near the root from the inner eyelid to the outside. Repeat with the bottom lid. If there is excess formula on the brush, remove it into the brush moderator on the tube.

If contact is made with the eyes, a slight tingling or burning sensation can occur. If this happens, the sensation should disappear within 2-3 minutes. If the sensation persists, rinse eye with water and discontinue use. 

Although there are no ingredients in the formula that have been proven to interfere with pregnancy, please consult your physician before using any hair growth treatments.

You can return your purchase within 30 days if you are not fully satisfied. We ask that you include the original box and at least 10% of the product.

No. We will never test on animals.

Yes, we can ship to nearly anywhere in the world.